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The many Collars


Digital print leopard rose fabric accent on piping princess seams/ pockets flaps and inner lining #2446simplicity “hybrid tailoring ” “speed tailoring” “Please touch photo to expand “

Collar tailoring fusiable

In Review : Designer Danit Peleg


The 3D-printed designs of Danit Peleg. Photo by Daria Retiner

projectCJF17 tailoring 2 class . SPRING 17 Digital Illustration





projectCJF17 tailoring 2 class . SPRING 17


Hybrid tailoring with fusiable items

projectCJF17 tailoring 2 class . SPRING 17 Toile

imageprojectCJF17 tailoring 2 class .  SPRING 17


Technical Skills

imageproject planner advance sewing technics , how its made and how to work with , an in depth properties of fabric using different Knits / Woven / Lace then selecting one and design a piece using advance technical skills.

Inspiration 2017 Spring/ Fall

Android Sweater